What will you do in the event of a hurricane?

Home Watch Services’ policy is to follow the hurricane and tropical storm’s path, paying close attention to the cone of the storm system.  Within 72 hours prior to the storm’s anticipated arrival, we will provide the following services to ‘close up’ all client homes:

  • The securing of, or bringing inside, all outdoor items that could become airborne
  • The opening of any flood ventilation systems around the home
  • The installation of any accordion type shutters to protect the windows/doors of the home.  Shutter systems must be serviced (every 1-2 years) and in working order to ensure proper installation.  Keys must be made available for any accordion shutters that require keys.
  • The scheduling and facilitation of any contractor-installed ‘panel shutters’. During hurricane season, our contractors are licensed and insured to responsibly, and efficiently, take care of this task for all of our clients who are facing an imminent threat to their home (Home Watch Services cannot guarantee the shuttering of homes that have panels due to the fact that securing these panels can be extremely time consuming in an emergency situation, hardware oftentimes does not function properly, wall anchors loosen, holes to not line up, panels may not have been tested and therefore may not fit properly, to name a few).