Hurricane and Severe Weather Preparedness and Response

Hurricane and Severe Weather Response

Our Inspectors and staff are expertly skilled at handling extreme weather events for our clients. We pay careful attention to the conditions, are meticulously proactive, and have the necessary resources to ensure that all of our client homes are protected in the event of a hurricane, freeze warning, hailstorm, or any other extreme weather event that could pose a threat to your property. After the storm passes, Home Watch Services gains early access to your property, providing a full report and pictures of our findings. We immediately schedule the repair of any damage sustained by your property, communicating with you every step of the way.

Included in this additional service:

  • Freeze Prevention
  • Hurricane Shutter Installation and Removal
  • Hurricane House Preparation:
    • Securing Outdoor Items
    • Sandbag Installation and Removal
    • Freezer Power Failure Response

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